Sumo Autumn Basho Day 7 Highlights Ozeki and Takakeishō play against Toyoyama September 19 4:22

Sumo Autumn Basho is on the 7th day, and Ozeki and Takakeishō, who have 5 wins and 1 loss so far, will play against Toyoyama in the flat curtain.

In the autumn place where Yokozuna is absent, after the 6th day of the 18th, there is no end to winning, and Ozeki / Takakeishō, Sekiwake / Shodai, and 4 flat curtains are lined up with 5 wins and 1 loss.

Takakeishō is a match against Toyoyama in the flat curtain on the 19th of the 7th day.

In the past, the match record was 2 wins and 1 loss for Takakeishō, and if Takakeishō pushes forward and sticks to sumo wrestling, the advantage will not move, but if he pulls on Toyoyama's heavy stakes, the game will not be known.

I want a white star with content so that I can pull the battle for the championship to the end.

Similarly, Sekiwake and Masayo, who have 5 wins and 1 loss, are the best of the three roles of Koyui and Okinoumi Ayumi.

In the past, the match record was 4 wins, 4 losses, and 5 minutes, but the pressure from the witnessing has increased to the point where the pressure from standing up is so great that if you can go forward regardless of the shape, you will naturally see the victory. I will.

I would like to accumulate as many white stars as possible because it will be an important place for my first victory and even for my goal of promotion to Ozeki.

I'm looking forward to seeing Terutsuyoshi, the flat curtain of the small soldiers who lost the place ahead of Ozeki and Asanoyama, who returned the stars to five minutes in three consecutive victories.