After five rounds, the newcomer Umeå parks in the relegation zone with only one recorded point.

On Sunday, Västerbotten lost at home at Umeå Energi arena by 0-3 against Rosengård. Thus, the Swedish national team goalkeeper Zećira Mušović kept a clean sheet for the fourth time this season, in an otherwise fairly even event.

"Absolutely incredibly absurd"

Afterwards, however, it was something other than the win that rippled her horizon. On his Twitter, the 24-year-old directed heavy criticism at the plan.

“It is required that there should be an x ​​number of seats in the arenas in damallsvenskan, but a plan like this in Umeå is allowed. That you as a player should be worried about the risk of injury due to. gameplay that is under all criticism is incredibly absurd ", she writes.

In the same tweet, she then attaches three less flattering pictures of the artificial turf.

Umeå coach Robert Bergström agrees with the complaints choir.

- In some places it is not good. Both we and Umeå FC, who play in the Superettan, have pointed this out to the municipality. It is what it is, but we all wanted a better plan, he tells TT.

To be replaced

The artificial turf has not been replaced in several years. In addition, the surface is affected by snow shoveling and long winters.

- Last winter, they broke the plan. They tore a hole in the field when they were going to plow away the snow.

TT: Can't a bad plan increase the risk of injury?

- We have talked about it and we have a dialogue with the municipality, both we and Umeå FC. Now I think the grass will be changed in the future, but that's what it is right now. We can not fix it ourselves.

TT has contacted Mušović for a comment.