The International Athletics Association World Athletics announced on Tuesday that they are pausing the Olympic qualification until December 1st.

Those who have already qualified for the Olympics will retain their seats, but not until 1 December and until next summer can you qualify again. Although the season would get underway this summer.

- I'm a little confused, absolutely. It feels boring. Someone might break the world record and then not like the Olympics? It feels very strange, says Khaddi Sagnia to SVT Sport.

"Not fun to just train"

The Swedish star believes that many who have to change their planning for the Olympics now lose some motivation.

- I really think so, but you simply have to train and maybe compete, even if the results are not counted.

How do you keep your motivation up?

- It's not fun at all to just train, train, train. You do that to be able to show the results of a competition. Now we get to run some small competitions on training. We are some in the training group that can run together, says Sagnia.

Hoping at the European Championships in August

It is still uncertain if this summer's European Championships in Paris on August 26-30 will go off as planned.

And if some activists choose to relinquish the championship and instead charge for the Olympic qualifier during the winter.

- If the European Championships get rid of then I am. It still applies to medals. You have to be at such a level with the training that you can still jump in and compete if needed. Then you can try to fix the qualification limit later, says Sagnia and continues:

- On the other hand, my view is nowhere to be honest. I'm just trying to get through the workouts. It feels like a waste of time to focus on a competition that may not even get lost.

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Khaddi Sagnia cheers with his coach Katrin Klaup after the long jump final at the Beijing World Cup 2015. Photo: Bildbyrån