- biathlon this season has emerged as the TV audience's winter sports number one with a million audience over several weekends. So I expect full on the TV couch when Hanna Öberg and the other Swedes aim for the World Cup gold, says Åsa Edlund Jönsson, SVT Sport's head.

At Südtirol Arena in Antholz there is program manager André Pops together with SVT biathlon expert Helena Ekholm. Niklas Nord comments on the competitions together with SVT's biathlon expert Björn Ferry, and Lotta Fahlberg is on site in Italy to do reporting and interviews.

Ferry believes in three medals

- On the women's side, I expect that Sweden will fight for the medals at all competitions. The coffee mug tells me that there will be three medals: women's relay, Hanna Öberg at a distance plus one more medal. The men are struggling and the medal chances are very small. There I look forward to the duels between Johannes Thingnes Bø and Martin Fourcade, says SVT biathlon expert Björn Ferry.

CLIP: Hanna Öberg's first win of the season

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Hanna Öberg with the first victory of the season