The ceremony of the coronation of the main court

The chairman of the House of Representatives issued a “fable” during the “Ceremony of the Throne Court”.

“I am very impressed by the fact that the once-in-a-lifetime ritual has been attended by many people from home and abroad, and was held with solemnity and grandeur. As one of the people living in Japan, I have thought about the long history of Japan and the imperial family, and there is something new in my mind. "

On that basis, “We are determined to work with all the people of the world and work together to make a peaceful and happy new era with our own hands. I pray for the prosperity of the imperial family and the long-lasting Yasaka of the era, and on behalf of the people, I express my heartfelt congratulations. "

The Chairman of the House of Councilors of Shandong said, “It is a place where the people are not able to endure the joy of the people. I pray that I will do my best to make sure that I will do my best to pray for the success and success of the Emperor and Empress.