Increased vigilance at airports, etc. for the coronation celebration October 17th 17:01

In the series of celebrations that accompany the Emperor's throne, leaders and dignitaries from nearly 200 countries visit Japan, so the Metropolitan Police Department is strengthening “soft target” alerts such as airports where many people gather.

The parade celebrating the emperor's throne scheduled for 22nd of this month has been postponed for about three weeks, but the ceremonies that the majesty declares the throne in and out, such as the ceremonies of the throne and the ceremonies A series of celebrations such as the ceremonies and the “Feast of the Feast” are held, and leaders and dignitaries from nearly 200 countries come to Japan.

In front of this, the Metropolitan Police Department has strengthened vigilance at so-called “soft targets” such as airports and terminal stations where many people gather. Among these, at the international terminal at Haneda Airport, the number of members of the airport terrorist response unit increased, and we looked around for suspicious items in the trash. At the observation deck, we used binoculars to watch out for suspicious drones flying over the sky.

In the airport lobby, police officers on the electric standing two-wheeled vehicle “Segway” were on alert, and they also performed “so-called security” to prevent terrorism, etc.

The Metropolitan Police Department decides to provide strict security with support from police nationwide in line with a series of celebrations.

The point of security

Celebration events related to the imperial throne take place for the first time in about 30 years, but the key points of security differ greatly between the previous time and this time.

In 1992, when celebrations were held in place of the transition from Showa to Heisei, the extremists that held the anti-imperial family attacked all imperial events and attacked mortars at imperial-related facilities. 143 guerrillas and incidents occurred during the year, including the arson fire.

There were 34 guerrilla cases in Tokyo, such as the mortar was fired at the Imperial Palace on November 12th, when the “Ritual of the Emperor Reishen”, which was the center of the ritual, was held. As the first stage, a time-explosive explosive was placed in the single dormitory of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and one police officer died and eight people were seriously injured.

Currently, extremists are shifting their routes to focus on mass movements and labor movements as these activities have gradually lost support from the public, and police authorities are watching the trends.

On the other hand, this time, as an alternative to Heisei from Heisei, the police authorities have gained strength in countermeasures against terrorist incidents using things that are readily available. Overseas, there are terrorist incidents where vehicles are plunged into the “soft target” where many people gather, and in Venezuela in South America, the president is being attacked by drones loaded with explosives.

The Metropolitan Police Department will take measures to block roads using special equipment and large vehicles in preparation for terrorism entering the vehicle this time, and will also increase the troops that guard against suspicious drones.