Livestock Experiment Station for confirmation of swine cholera infections

On the 14th, all the work to prevent the spread of the infection was completed by the 16th at the Prefectural Livestock Experiment Station in Shiojiri City, Nagano Prefecture, where infection of swine cholera in pigs raised for research was confirmed.

At the Nagano Prefectural Livestock Experiment Station, out of 349 pigs that were raised for research purposes, some pigs showed symptoms of vomiting, and a national test confirmed that they were infected with swine cholera on the 14th. It was.

In response, the prefecture began slaughtering pigs and finished slaughtering all pigs by the night of the 14th.

At the Livestock Experiment Station, work was continued to fill the ground with compost etc. to prevent the spread of infection on the 16th, and according to the prefecture, all work was over at 1:30 pm on the 16th.

In addition, the prefecture designates six pig farms in the prefecture where the animal husbandry laboratory had been moving in and out of the slaughterhouse where pigs were brought in at the same time, etc., and conducted on-site inspections and interviews. I have done so, but no abnormality has been confirmed so far.

Porcine cholera does not infect humans and has no effect when eaten, but when infected with pigs or wild boars it is a contagious disease that causes symptoms such as fever and is likely to die.