Male heavy body jumping into the sea from a pleasure boat and swimming Kochi August 17 18:35


On the afternoon of the 17th, off the coast of Kochi City, a 68-year-old man who jumped into the sea from a small pleasure boat and went swimming was lost, and he was rescued 30 minutes later.

Before 3:00 pm on the 17th, at the offshore of Kochi City's Kochi Shinko, “a man who was fishing together on a pleasure boat was jumping into the sea and swimming, but he disappeared,” the police reported was.

The Kochi Coast Guard and the fire department searched around the pleasure boat about 30 meters offshore, found a man sinking on the seabed after about 30 minutes and transported it to a hospital in the city. It is a heavy body.

According to the fire department, the man was 68 years old living in Kochi City and had no life jackets.

The Kochi Coast Guard is examining the situation at that time in detail.