Reverse runaway car runs away 2 people injured and listened to the situation from a man in their 60s

The car that had run backward on the national highway in Tokyo and Sumida Ward ran away one after another on the 12th, and one of the men in their 60s who had been struck was killed.

At around 2:30 am on the national road in Sumida-ku, Mukojima, on the 12th, one after the 60th newspaper delivery men and 20th men who seemed to have wagon cars that had run backwards in the up lane were riding bicycles. He escaped.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, among them, a newspaper delivery man hit his head and was transported to the hospital, but later confirmed death. A man in his twenties is a serious injury that breaks his hips, but there is no difference in his life.

A car that the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department was chasing after a car evacuation as a sneak-up incident, about 30 minutes after the accident, at a crossing in Taito-ku, about 3 km away from the site I heard that the situation was heard from a man in his 60s who was driving.