The house burned down 2 people could not get in touch.

On the night of the 12th, there was a fire that burned a house in Maebashi City, and it was impossible to contact the two men and women living in this house. According to the police, the police are investigating that the 32-year-old eldest son of a woman who is unable to contact is talking about content that hints at igniting the house.

After 9:30 pm on the 12th, when a fire broke out from a house in Aeriko-cho, Maebashi City, a person living nearby reported to the fire department.

Ten fire engines and other fires appeared, and the fire was almost extinguished after about two hours, but one wooden two-story house was completely burned out. According to the police, there are three people living in this house, and of these, it is no longer possible to contact the two of Matsubara Matsubara (68) and Ms. Sugawara's older brother Sadao Sakurai (71).

There was no injury to the other 32-year-old eldest son of Mr. Sugawara, but according to the police, he is talking about content that suggests that the house has been lit.

The police will proceed with the confirmation of the two who cannot be contacted and will investigate the cause of the fire.