Invitation to bid at the leaked point or former advisor of suspected bid obstruction August 30 18:39

A former adviser who was arrested for leaking technical evaluation standards, etc. over a bid for the development of the Japanese investment insurance system funded by the government had invited the leaked company to participate in the bid. I understood this through interviews with investigators. The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the circumstances of other companies that encouraged bidding.

Izumi Asahara (72), former adviser of “Japan Trade Insurance”, which provides insurance for Japanese companies doing business overseas, has asked Chiyoda-ku about technical evaluation criteria for bidding on system development. Was arrested on suspicion of obstructing bidding for leaking to an information system company.

According to the survey so far, Suspect Asahara has been repeatedly receiving entertainment at the restaurant from the information system company side, but it was interviewed by investigators that the company was actually going to participate in bidding. I understand.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, after deepening the relationship, it seems that the evaluation standards were leaked by e-mail from the home PC, and proposals were made to be advantageous for examination.

Furthermore, according to investigators, the Asahara suspected that other companies were urged to participate in bidding on a separate bid, and the Metropolitan Police Department is examining the detailed circumstances.