In the video above, she tells how it started – and how the side effects affect her. The voice is recorded by another person.

"I felt good in the beginning. But then the effect became smaller. I didn't even feel well when I took," she says.

We meet in a treatment room at an addiction clinic in western Östergötland. The girl sitting in front of us is nervous, but she has thought for a long time and talked to her treatment secretary, and has come to the conclusion: She wants to tell us. To warn others. So that others do not have to experience what happened to her.

In the beginning, it was euphoria

"In the beginning, it was euphoria. Euphoria. I thought I could stop whenever I wanted.

Afterwards, she realizes that it probably wasn't like that. And the feelings of happiness quickly subsided. Gradually, she felt worse. Got depressions. Ideation. Hallucinations.

"Towards the end, I kind of saw. I slept poorly. My nose hurt. Cramps in joints and muscles, could not exercise. Had suicidal thoughts.

What side effects does crystal give?

Now she has been drug-free for a period of time but still experiences severe side effects. She still sees visions and feels bad mentally.

"It also affects you physically. In the beginning, I thought I would die if I wasn't allowed to take the drug.

She advises other young people not to try.

"Don't do it if you don't want to risk dying.

SVT Nyheter Öst depicts in several publications the development of the new drug 3-cmc, which is called crystal, among other things.

In the video below, treatment secretary Kristian Issa explains why it can be so quick to become addicted:

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This is how you are affected by the drug crystal – from well-being to suicidal thoughts in six months. In the video, you hear treatment secretary Kristian Issa explain how fast it can go. Photo: SVT