As the doctor explained, hedgehogs rarely attack humans, but if the beast feels danger, it can bite.

"A wound from sharp teeth is unpleasant in itself, but the main danger is that hedgehogs are carriers of deadly rabies. In this, they are no different from other wild animals, such as foxes. The rabies virus causes severe neurological disorders and can be fatal. At the same time, you can get infected not only from an animal bite, but even just by contact with its saliva, "said Kashukh.

She warned that a needle prick is also dangerous, because you can get a fungal infection with trichophytosis - ringworm.

"If ring-shaped red spots appear on the skin that cause itching, it is necessary to pass a scraping for diagnosis. Thus, it will be possible to determine what type of fungus was brought in, and paint the treatment. You can also get salmonellosis from a hedgehog, an infection that affects the digestive system. Its first signs are abdominal pain, a sharp increase in temperature, nausea and diarrhea. In the southern regions of Russia, Crimean hemorrhagic fever is added to this list, which is manifested by fever, dizziness, headache and muscle aches, "the specialist explained.

In addition, a large number of ticks live in the needles of the animal, which carry tick-borne encephalitis, borreliosis and other infections that are very dangerous for humans.

"When a tick bites, it is recommended to immediately consult an infectious disease doctor, and take the insect for analysis, this will avoid serious health problems. Even with indirect contact with the animal, it is necessary to wash your hands thoroughly with disinfectants," the expert advised.

If there is a need to move a hedgehog - for example, he met you on the road or came to visit the country - then you need to use thick mittens or fabric.

Earlier, doctor Roman Ivanov told in an interview with RT what infections transmitted by ticks there are vaccines, and also explained what to do in case of a bite.