The approximately 200-metre-wide avalanche is said to have been triggered by skiers, but no person is said to have been dragged into it. There is also no data on injuries.

In addition to police and volunteers, a rescue helicopter and an air ambulance are participating in the rescue work, writes NRK.

Residents and visitors are warned

The Red Cross urges residents and visitors in Troms, Finnmark and parts of Nordland to refrain from mountain trips because there is a "significant" risk of avalanches - a third on a five-point scale.

"We sincerely hope that people stay calm until the avalanche danger is over, and do not let themselves be lured to the mountains by the nice weather," says Jarle Bjørge Øverland, vice president of the Red Cross.

On Friday, four people lost their lives in three avalanches in northern Norway.