Air traffic controllers in France continue their strike for the 13th consecutive day in protest against the new pension law.

Saturday's strike is expected to affect flights at the southwestern airports of Bordeaux and Toulouse.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation asked air carriers to cancel about 20% of their flights, and the Directorate asked companies to cancel about 25 flights scheduled for Sunday at Paris Orly, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Nantes airports.

Striking observers are demanding that the controversial new pension law be dropped.

France is experiencing protests and union demonstrations against the law to raise the retirement age in a number of French cities, led by the capital, Paris, and strikes continue that included the tourism sector and all labor and educational sectors.

On Tuesday, France witnessed clashes between police and hundreds of protesters, as tensions escalated in the country as dialogue between President Emmanuel Macron's government and unions reached an impasse.

On 16 March, the government passed a bill amending the retirement age, which raises it from 62 to 64, without sending the final draft to a vote in the National Assembly, leading to demonstrations in the country.