"Apparently, such a business really exists when they offer the so-called "simplified receipt of a certificate". In fact, this is a corruption scheme. This is dangerous for the life and health of our citizens. It is clear that such a certificate, obtained in an incomprehensible way, can affect, for example, the receipt of weapons. Of course, specialists should deal with this and identify it. This should be burned with a red-hot iron, "Tumusov believes.

Earlier, a deputy of the legislative assembly of St. Petersburg, Pavel Krupnik, proposed to monitor advertising of "simplified" obtaining certificates on the Internet "in order to eradicate it or introduce specialized notes on the illegality of such activities."

According to him, with a cursory study of the proposals on the network, you can easily find proposals for the "simplified" passage of medical commissions for obtaining a permit for weapons, certificates of the absence of alcohol or drug addiction or sanitary books.