On Saturday, five people were arrested on suspicion of drug offences in Umeå. They are part of one of the ten criminal networks that the police now point out as responsible for the drug trade in Umeå.

– I would like to say that we have a very large drug market in Umeå, says Tomas Palmgren, head of reconnaissance at the police in Västerbotten.

The police are also investigating another drug network that has made major seizures of cocaine and cannabis, among other things.

Conducts reconnaissance work

The leaks from encrypted chat programs in recent years have given the police a new picture of how big the market is and although cannabis is still the most common, cocaine has become increasingly common.

"In recent weeks, we have had success in our reconnaissance work and have succeeded in arresting a large number of people suspected of serious drug and weapons offences," says Thomas Palmgren.

Watch reconnaissance leader Thomas Palmgren talk about how many criminal networks operate in Umeå