The number of trips abroad among Swedes has started to increase.

Just over 9 million trips were made last year, this is shown by Resurs' barometer which examined how our traveling has changed since everything from the corona pandemic and times of war to rising inflation which contributed to an uncertain situation in the world.

Something that has changed, however, is that travelers stick more to European destinations, in terms of our top ten travel destinations in 2022. Denmark, Spain and Germany, Finland and Norway were among the top five travel destinations.

- None of these non-European countries are on the list.

The US and Thailand have touched each other in the past, but they no longer do so, says Hans Remvig from Resurs, an independent travel and tourism consulting company.

A bad economy and insecurity in the world means that Swedes stick more to Europe, says travel journalist Colette Van Luik.

At the same time, she is not surprised that Denmark is first on the list.

- Denmark is very good at marketing itself, they are good at promoting their country.

See more about why our travel has both increased and changed, in terms of destinations, in the clip above.