• Courts This is how a court banished Morad from his neighborhood: "I'm going to make Florida burn"

The Criminal Court number 16 of Barcelona sentenced Carolina RJ to nine months in prison for a crime of injury with the use of a dangerous instrument since on June 27, 2021, she entered the apartment of her then partner, the rapper Morad, in Hospitalet de Llobregat using some keys that he had given him.

Upon reaching the room, she surprised the artist in bed sleeping with another woman, so she went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and stabbed the girl into various parts of her body, such as her arms, legs, and chest.

"Immediately after, and after the defendant realized that the victim was badly injured and was bleeding profusely from the injuries caused by her, she tried to help her by placing some towels, medical supplies and calling the emergency services requesting an ambulance, while pressing the wounds to contain the bleeding, leaving the place when the health and police services arrived," says the sentence to which this medium has had access.

In addition, the court took into account that the convicted woman had consumed drugs and alcohol that same night and that she suffered from a personality disorder that "diminished her ability to control impulses."

In addition to various defenses, the magistrate also took into account that before the trial she gave more than 5,300 euros to the victim for the injuries caused.

However, the court estimates compensation for physical and psychological injuries as a result of the attack at 8,000 euros, an amount from which what has already been contributed will be subtracted.

Nor may the victim be approached less than 1,000 meters for four years.

The condemned "had a history of anxiety and personality disorder with a lack of impulse control as well as consumption of toxins, having consumed alcohol and drugs hours before the events, therefore, when she saw her partner with the victim in bed, unaware Such a relationship caused his willpower to be considerably diminished," says the sentence published by El País.

At trial, the convicted woman acknowledged the assault and pointed out that at that time she was a partner of Morad with whom she lived in the apartment but that "she did not know that he had another parallel relationship."

Seeing him in her bed with another girl "blinded me" and for that reason he attacked her, although "with no intention of killing her," stabbing her with her knife three times.

"He immediately regretted what he took a towel to cover his wounds and called an ambulance and that he left when he heard the sirens and that from the first moment he recognized the facts and regrets it and that is why the money has entered despite the fact that he works earning about 1,200 euros a month," says the court.

Morad testified at the trial that at that time he was a partner of the convicted woman but he was also with the victim and that he woke up when the attack had occurred.

He also explained that it was the convict who called the emergency room and that he left the apartment because he "had problems with the police."

He also pointed out that the condemned "was not fully aware because he did know that he took drugs and that he continued to help the victim with whom he continued to see himself and knows that little by little he has been recovering."

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