Gendarmerie patrols have recently intensified around the André-Maurois college in Limoges (Haute-Vienne).

The police are indeed looking for an individual whose suspicious actions near the establishment have been spotted by parents of students.

The man would have redoubled his efforts to approach schoolchildren directly, says France Bleu Limousin this Saturday.

Two families filed handbooks with the gendarmerie concerning the behavior of the suspect.

The military took into account the alerts issued by the parents and they are now working to discover the identity of the individual.

Caution was recommended to the students even if the investigators also ask those concerned not to panic.

The rectorate was informed of the facts described by the witnesses, who mentioned a man who did not hesitate to be insistent.

The situation is taken all the more seriously since individuals with similar behavior had been spotted around establishments welcoming children in Chamboret, Nantiat and Peyrilhac (Haute-Vienne) some two weeks earlier.


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