Ukrainian troops deliberately attacked a hospital in the village of Novoaydar, located in the Lugansk People's Republic (LPR).

This was stated in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

“On January 28, in the settlement of Novoaidar, Luhansk People’s Republic, at about 7:30 am, the Ukrainian armed forces deliberately launched a US-made HIMARS multiple rocket launcher at the building of a district hospital,” the ministry said in a statement.

As a result of rockets with a high-explosive fragmentation warhead hitting the building, 14 patients of the hospital and medical staff were injured, the department said.

Assistance is provided to all victims.

According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, in the medical facility that was hit by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, civilian and military doctors provided assistance to local residents and military personnel.

The defense department stressed that the APU deliberately hit the hospital.

“Intentional missile attack on a known active civilian medical facility is an unconditional grave war crime of the Kyiv regime,” the report says.

As emphasized in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, all those involved in the planning and implementation of this crime will be found and will be held accountable.

Note that the shelling was previously reported by the representative office of the LPR in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of Issues Related to War Crimes of Ukraine (JCCC).

As follows from the publication, as a result of the shelling, the enemy fired four rockets from HIMARS at the object.

Later, the mission published images of the hospital and clarifications about the type of ammunition used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"As a result of the shelling,

Novoaydar settlement with the use of HIMARS MLRS (the enemy fired four missiles of the M31 GMLRS type) damaged the Novoaydar Territorial Medical Association and six one-story residential buildings, ”the representative office said.

In addition, the daily report from the LNR reported on the shelling of the settlement of Novoaleksandrovka from HIMARS.

As a result of these events, a granary, two hangars and agricultural machinery of an agricultural enterprise were damaged.

It should be noted that Donbass regularly reports on the facts of damage to civilian infrastructure as a result of shelling by Ukrainian troops.

In particular, on January 23, the mayor of Yasinovataya (DPR) reported that the school and hospital buildings in Yasynuvata were damaged during shelling by the Ukrainian military.

As a result of these events, no one was injured.

In Gorlovka (DPR) on January 15, it was reported that as a result of night shelling by Ukrainian troops, the glazing of the central entrance of the surgical building of the city hospital No. 2 was damaged.

At the beginning of the month, on January 4, as a result of the shelling of Donetsk, the facade and glazing of the building of the Republican Clinical Psychiatric Hospital were damaged.

In addition, on January 1, it became known about the death of six people as a result of the shelling of a hospital in Pervomaisk (LPR).

As RIA Novosti reported with reference to the deputy chief physician of the hospital, Tatyana Kovaleva, the shelling consisted of three volleys with an interval of 30-40 minutes.

According to her, the Armed Forces of Ukraine clearly expected that at that time the evacuation of the wounded and the removal of rubble would take place, as a result of which the number of victims would increase.

Another high-profile incident occurred on December 18 and 19, when the Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled a hospital in the Kalininsky district of Donetsk.

The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the fact of these events.

According to the agency, as a result of the shelling that took place on December 18, two hospital buildings were damaged, including two wards, in which civilians were at the time of the shelling.

One of the patients died.