Before the parliamentary questions began, the chairman of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan's Diet Affairs Committee Azumi told reporters that he would pursue the government's tax increase policy in conjunction with the increase in defense spending through debate. Prime Minister Kishida has shown the recognition that the House of Representatives should be dissolved and the public should be trusted.

From the afternoon of the 25th, the Diet will ask representatives of each party about Prime Minister Kishida's policy speech.

Prior to this, the chairman of the Constitutional Democratic Party's Diet Affairs Committee, Azumi, told reporters, "We will challenge the 'Kishida tax increase cabinet' to a full-scale debate. With the people's lives becoming difficult due to high prices and other factors, why is the defense tax increase now?" I want people to understand through the debate that they are out of step with public opinion."

On top of that, he said, ``The defense budget of 43 trillion yen over five years is 'amounted', and diverting the ``reconstruction special income tax'' to a defense tax increase is a prohibited move and absolutely unacceptable. We have to ask whether it is right or not," he said, showing the recognition that Prime Minister Kishida should dissolve the House of Representatives and ask the people for their trust if they are going to raise taxes.

Regarding the House of Representatives Speaker Hosoda, whose relationship with the former Unification Church has been pointed out, he said, "Chairman Hosoda himself said that former Prime Minister Abe and the former Unification Church had a deep relationship from a long time ago. What kind of deep relationship was it? I have a responsibility to speak in front of the public."

Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno "Carefully explain the government's attitude and efforts"

At a press conference in the morning, Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno said, "We will carefully explain the government's stance and initiatives, such as the drastic strengthening of defense capabilities, the realization of new capitalism, child and parenting policies, and the development of new-era realism diplomacy, and will discuss them in the Diet. I want to be sincere," he said.