The Dow Jones gained 0.80%, the Nasdaq index rose 1.76% and the broader S&P 500 index gained 1.28%.

Wall Street climbed a few stairs on Wednesday, as a growing number of traders "are confident that we're going to have a soft landing (of the US economy) or go through a not too bad recession", said explained, in a note, Edward Moya, of Oanda.

Investors expect the CPI price index to confirm, on Thursday, the ebb of inflation in the United States, in December, with a fall of 0.1% in prices over one month and an increase of 6 .5% over one year, against 7.1% the previous month.

The trend should cause “the pace of rate hikes to slow down,” according to LBBW's Karl Haeling.

The New York market was dragged down on Wednesday by a series of volatile values ​​that have often been sanctioned in recent months.

In the lead, the "meme stocks", these securities have become darlings of small investors since the beginning of 2021, although the rest of the market has serious doubts about their economic model or their medium-term prospects.

These include the chain of video game stores GameStop (+7.15%) and the owner of cinemas AMC (+21.18%).

Groups considered to be in great difficulty, or even close to filing for bankruptcy, were also sought, such as the decoration articles brand Bed, Bath and Beyond (+68.60%) or the car sales platform used Carvana (+24.43%).

“People are afraid to let the train go” and to miss opportunities, deciphered Karl Haeling.

"And there is a lot of money to invest", especially at the beginning of the year.

Beyond these atypical values, the entire technology sector has rushed into the breach, with substantial gains for the leaders such as Apple (+2.11%), Amazon (+5.81%), Alphabet (+3.38%) and Microsoft (+3.02%).

Wednesday's heat wave is also due, for the analyst, to the reopening of China more quickly than expected.

"This suggests an increase in demand for raw materials", a movement which "would spread to all companies. So it is favorable to risk taking."

On the bond side, long rates eased, a sign of a market expecting rate cuts from the US central bank (Fed) in the medium term.

The yield on 10-year US government bonds fell to 3.53%, against 3.61% the day before.

On the stock market, the major American airlines ended up despite the temporary halt, at the start of the morning, of all flight departures from American territory, following a computer failure of the global information system for pilots and crews, according to the US civil aviation regulator (FAA).

Around 2:00 p.m. GMT, the FAA announced the lifting of this suspension and the resumption of air traffic.

American Airlines (+0.99%), Delta Air Lines (+0.24%) and United Airlines (+4.28%) all gained altitude.

Only Southwest, Wall Street's scapegoat since the December mess and the cancellation of thousands of flights, fell (-4.28% to 47.71 dollars).

Tesla continued its recovery (+ 3.68% to 123.22 dollars), while, according to the Wall Street Journal, the automaker plans to invest $ 775 million in expansion work at its Austin plant , in Texas.

Disney was sought after (+0.81% to 96.33 dollars), after the announcement of loyalty measures for subscribers to the group's amusement parks, a decision seen as one of the first changes decided by the general manager. Bob Iger, returned to business in November.

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