The trick is well established and there are many crooks practicing it.

The rear-view mirror scam is now a classic: it consists of making a motorist, often of a certain age, believe that he has just damaged the rear-view mirror of another vehicle, previously damaged by the scammer. -even.

In general, the scammer pretends to call his insurance and advances an excessive amount of compensation, before offering compensation out of court.

This is what happened on December 16 to an elderly person from Cazères, south of Toulouse.

Instead of making a statement, the bastard who had approached her offered to drive her to the post office of the town to withdraw the sum of 1,000 euros.

Gullible, the victim of the scheme agrees to follow him to pay him the requested amount.

But, at the counter, the head of the agency was not naive and immediately smelled the bad shot, indicates the gendarmerie of Haute-Garonne.

And she has, fortunately, not forgotten to note the registration number of the crook.

The latter was arrested a little later in Saint-Gaudens by the motorized platoon of the Estancarbon gendarmerie.

He will have to answer for these acts in court next March.

Miscellaneous facts

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Miscellaneous facts

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