Noa Moussa 06:18, December 20, 2022

The Christmas holidays are fast approaching under the sign of winter weather and the risk of power cuts expected this season.

The next few months are likely to be particularly trying, so some French people are taking the opportunity to turn to useful purchases in order to better understand winter. 

The French electricity network can blow.

The first "wave" of winter cold is fading in France, and the wind is returning, making it possible to limit electricity imports.

But winter is far from over and worries the French.

So, some prefer to anticipate.

"I was tempted by the heated poncho, I'm going to try!" Exclaims Christine, 66, in front of the window of this Parisian store that shares fleece socks, woolen plaids and large cotton vests.

These gift ideas also allow you to better understand the potential power cuts this winter.

It is with this objective in mind that Héloïse chose her grandmother's gift. 

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"I decided to get her pajamas. I went for silk instead at the base but given the winter, given the cold, I said to myself why not fleece pajamas, he looks very soft “, she explains at the microphone of Europe 1. “She has already had a lot of power cuts, it was quite cold she had a hard time managing. Fleece pajamas seemed like a good idea to me” , she continues.

An unprecedented craze around hot items

Joanie, one of the sales assistants in this store, has noticed an incredible enthusiasm for these items this year.

"Right now, anything that's going to be very hot, it's going to be the target and the number 1 choice for gifts. Power cuts, the fact that you have to turn down the heating at home means that there has a real increase in requests compared to that, it is really the main target in terms of gifts”, she says.

An enthusiasm that is not likely to decline, even after Christmas, since temperatures are preparing to approach zero degrees in the coming weeks.