The United Nations Security Council held a meeting on the situation in Ukraine.

Russia accused the West and Ukraine of alleging that some of the weapons supplied to Ukraine were leaked to terrorists outside the country, but Western countries attacked Ukraine with drones supplied by Iran. It was a response from both sides, such as criticizing Russia for doing so.

Regarding the situation in Ukraine, the UN Security Council held an emergency meeting at the request of Russia on the 9th, and Ambassador to the UN Nebenzia argued that some of the weapons supplied to Ukraine by the West were leaked out of the country and given to terrorists. It is a risk to the peace and stability of society," he said, blaming the West and Ukraine.

In response, Ukrainian ambassador to the United Nations Kislitsa emphasized that the weapons provided by each country are thoroughly controlled, and Western countries countered that there was no evidence for Russia's claims.

In addition, British Ambassador to the United Nations Woodward criticized Russia for attacking Ukraine with drones provided by Iran in violation of Security Council resolutions. They are trying to weaken international support for Ukraine by leaking information," he said, criticizing both the West and Russia over the arms supply.