Margaux Fodéré 9:34 a.m., August 18, 2022

The back-to-school allowance, which nearly three million French households received on Tuesday, may well not be able to cushion the significant rise in the price of school supplies.

This year, families will have to face a 10 to 25% increase in the price of their back-to-school shopping.

So parents try to make strategic choices on the shelves.


Two more weeks before the return to school.

A rather painful period for the wallets of parents who have to tackle the famous back-to-school races.

And Nicole will not escape it... Ten double copies, six dividers or even five tubes of glue.

With her college son, she carefully reads the shopping list.

Head to the notebook section where the price of certain brand lots has increased by two euros in one year.

“I try to take the cheapest”

"But the notebooks, I'm shocked. 17 euros for the pack of five!", Protests the mother.

"These are the 96 pages 24/32 and I try to take the cheapest. There were 18 euros, 20 euros even."

After the notebooks, the shopping continues with the pencils and Nicole's son has his habits.

He chooses eraser pens.

"It's a pack of four at 5.90 euros, against 4.99 euros last year", underlines Nicole.

The increase is only a few cents, but within this radius, other models also cost more.

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“We are going to play tight in terms of the economy”

"For some products, it's an increase of 50 cents. 50 cents multiplied by a whole list of 50 supplies, you have to have a tight heart this year", confides the mother of the family on Europe 1. So no choice, it is necessary to deprive oneself of certain novelties.

"We are going to play tight in terms of the economy. Before, I could afford to take a new rule from him, there no."

Last year, Nicole paid 180 euros for her son's supplies.

This time, the note promises to be saltier as the races are far from over.

"I have it for 65 euros. We haven't even done half, we don't have the backpack. We are missing notebooks. For me, yes, it is undeniably more expensive", assures Nicole .

This year, families will have to face a 10 to 25% increase in the price of school races.