The U.S. State Department confirmed its commitment to close coordination with the Yun Seok-yeol administration for the denuclearization of North Korea and said, "We support South Korea's efforts to seek a diplomatic solution with North Korea."

State Department spokeswoman Ned Price responded as follows to a press briefing when asked about President Yoon's response to President Yoon's 8/15 Liberation Day celebration speech.

In his congratulatory address, President Yun said, "If North Korea stops developing nuclear weapons and converts to practical denuclearization, we propose a bold plan that can dramatically improve the North Korean economy and people's livelihoods in line with that stage."

He also evaluated Japan as a neighbor to face challenges that threaten world freedom, and declared the succession of the 1998 new Korea-Japan partnership joint declaration, the 'Kim Dae-jung-Obuchi Declaration', demonstrating the will to improve Korea-Japan relations.

"We strongly support South Korea's goal of paving the way for serious and lasting diplomacy with Pyongyang," Price said.

The goal shared by the United States with South Korea, its allies and partners is the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, he said.

"As part of that, a strong and effective trilateral relationship between the United States, South Korea and Japan is important," said Price, emphasizing trilateral cooperation.