The best thing is still not to count on it.

Toulouse users experience a second day of hardship, wearing out their soles, in crowded substitute buses or on the congested ring road.

Lines A and B are still completely at a standstill after the serious electrical incident which affected the metro on Wednesday morning.

Tisséo travelers had indicated Wednesday evening to hope for a resumption of traffic for this Thursday, July 7, taking care not to commit to an hour.

No hope today for line B

The operator is more specific this Thursday noon, showering the hopes of the most optimistic.

For line B, it's grated: it "will remain closed in its entirety all day".

A faint glimmer remains for line A "which could be put back into service in the afternoon between the Basso-Cambo and Jolimont stations".

Uh, the second day without the metro.. Toulouse how are we supposed to get by in everyday life when we don't live in the city center there?

— Lina Zdj (@LinaZdj) July 7, 2022

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"Additional work is still necessary on line A and the line B cable network", specifies Tisséo Voyageurs who will give a new update at the end of the afternoon.


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