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  "Seeing the kind figure of the general secretary in the online screen, especially after hearing his friendly voice, everyone was very excited." said Lei Yafei, director of the "Shenhai No. 1" ultra-deepwater gas field, to the general secretary. At the time of the report, the days of fighting for "Deep Sea No. 1" were vividly remembered.

  On April 10, General Secretary Xi Jinping connected with the "Deep Sea No. 1" operation platform during his inspection in Hainan.

The General Secretary emphasized that building a powerful maritime country is a major strategic task to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

We must promote high-level self-reliance and self-improvement in marine science and technology, strengthen original and leading scientific and technological research, firmly grasp equipment manufacturing in our own hands, and strive to use our own equipment to develop oil and gas resources, increase energy self-sufficiency, and ensure national energy security.

  On June 25, good news came again from "Deep Sea No. 1".

As my country's first self-operated ultra-deep water gas field, "Shenhai No. 1" has been put into production for one year, and the cumulative production of natural gas has exceeded 2 billion cubic meters, and the export of condensate oil has exceeded 200,000 cubic meters.

  In the sea area about 150 kilometers away from Sanya City, Hainan Province, there is a 40-story sea "Big Mac", a "machine island" composed of 240,000 parts, and a maximum projected area equivalent to two standard football fields... "Deep Sea No. 1" energy station - the world's first 100,000-ton deep-water semi-submersible production and storage platform, a veritable powerhouse of a great power.

  From finding "treasures" in abandoned areas to building a complete technical system for deepwater oil and gas exploration, development and production with completely independent intellectual property rights, the completion and commissioning of the "Shenhai No. 1" ultra-deepwater gas field is a milestone in my country's deep-sea oil and gas development. It is also a vivid interpretation of CNOOC's efforts to tackle key technical problems and to be the "source" of deep-sea oil and gas development technology.

  Only by not being superstitious or blindly obeying can you be "qi" and not give up

  "Why do we need to start anew, why not directly adopt the Liwan model?"

  "The difficulty factor is so high, can we afford this risk?"

  In Beijing in May 2015, at the seminar on the development of the Lingshui 17-2 gas field, Zhu Haishan, the project manager of the "Shenhai No. 1" gas field R&D and design project of the CNOOC Research Institute, faced a series of doubts.

  The previous year, the "Shenhai No. 1" gas field discovered in the Qiongdongnan Basin had a proven reserves of over 100 billion cubic meters.

  Deepwater development is not just "depth of water", it has extremely high requirements on technology, equipment capabilities and key design indicators.

The sea area where the gas field is located has frequent typhoons, complex geological disasters, and high investment costs. How to realize the economic development of deepwater oil and gas fields has always been a world-class problem.

Only a few large oil companies in the world have deep water development technical capabilities.

  At that time, CNOOC had mastered the development of oil and gas fields with a water depth of 300 meters, but for the deep water gas fields, it went from "shallow" to "deep", from development mode to planning and design, from operation resources to talent team, from technology to management ideas , with little practical experience.

  In order to answer the question of "Going to Deep Water" independently, CNOOC supported the only talent, and mobilized more than 60 youth research teams with young people aged 28 to 35 as the core to form the "Deep Sea No. 1" energy station R&D and design team .

  "The deep water project has to emancipate the mind, think outside the box, and promote it with innovative thinking!" Zhu Haishan said that young talents are the new force of scientific and technological innovation, and young scientific and technological workers must continue to overcome difficulties and seek answers from scientific and technological innovation. Perseverance and persistence .

  In fact, this is also the innovative attitude that CNOOC has been adhering to.

The discovery of the "Shenhai No. 1" gas field is precisely due to its persistence in exploration technology theory and basic research, not superstitious authority.

  "In the past, large foreign companies used the traditional Atlantic passive edge theory, which was not applicable to us," said Xie Yuhong, chief scientist of CNOOC. "We inherited the traditional theory of oil and gas exploration technology, strengthened basic geological research, and established a deep-water oil and gas complex. The reservoir model has been improved, the deepwater oil and gas exploration technology has been improved, and the Lingshui 17-2 structural group with large exploration potential has been found in the central canyon channel of the Qiongdongnan Basin.”

  "Horse racing" and "martial arts" are real tricks

  It is under the atmosphere and system that do not look at rank and qualifications, but only look at ability and hard work, a group of little-known young people have become the main force of the team.

Li Da, who was just an ordinary engineer at the time and is now the chief structural engineer of the Engineering Research and Design Institute of China National Offshore Oil Research Institute, is one of them.

  Under the leadership of Li Da and others, CNOOC chose a path that even foreign deep-water counterparts have never thought of - drawing on the principle of "thermoscaper liner" to create a world precedent for semi-submersible platform column oil storage.

  "The project team has formed a number of pioneering teams to tackle key problems, and two teams of young engineers under the age of 35 are in command to tackle the 'Shenhai No. 1' energy station ship type plan in parallel. Every two weeks, the two teams conduct a 'competition' of work results. Zhu Haishan introduced that the world's first semi-submersible platform column oil storage ship type of "flat pontoon + domestic Taishan crane" was finally selected. After the "horse race", the two research teams turned to back-to-back independent verification to ensure technical reliable.

  "Lack of technology, learn technology, study technology, and innovate technology!" You Xuegang, general manager of the "Shenhai No. 1" large gas field development project team, knows that the key core technology can only rely on himself.

If there is no precedent, set a precedent.

If there is no standard, create a standard.

  You Xuegang led the project staff to study technical specifications, overcome technical difficulties, organize domestic and foreign experts, optimize platform design, strengthen technical research, and restore a processing design plan that was almost overturned.

  These efforts have resulted in 3 world-class innovations and 13 domestic first-of-its-kind technologies of "Deep Sea No. 1".

  Build a strong team

  The "Deep Sea No. 1" project has been accelerated since July 2019, and the clarion call for rush work has been sounded since September.

The construction period of the entire project only took 16.5 months, while the construction period of a platform similar in scale to the "Deep Sea No. 1" energy station in the world takes 38.8 months.

  Facing this "big guy" equipped with nearly 200 sets of key oil and gas processing equipment and a maximum displacement of more than 100,000 tons, Lei Yafei, director of the "Shenhai No. 1" large gas field, led the gas field development and production team to break through the operation and maintenance of many key core equipment successively. Dilemma, successfully solved the operation problems of key equipment such as turbine generators and dry gas compressors, formed a set of localized operation procedures, compiled technical manuals with more than 300,000 words, declared 5 technical innovation projects, and initially formed a complete set of deep water Gas field operation and maintenance system.

  "The 'Shenhai No. 1' project has achieved as many as 64 new material research and development, new equipment research and new technology applications, and the project's demonstration research and development applications have increased the autonomy rate of key equipment for semi-submersible oil and gas production platforms from 33% to 80%. %." said Liu Kongzhong, deputy general manager of the "Shenhai No. 1" gas field development project.

  "Through the construction of the 'Shenhai No. 1' large gas field, CNOOC has cultivated a group of mature deep-water semi-submersible platform design, construction and installation teams. The technical blockade of the whole process of design and construction of complex and large-scale offshore oil and gas production facilities is a manifestation of my country's industrial system's super-strong system integration and construction capabilities, which perfectly solves the problem that deep-water offshore oil and gas fields cannot be economically developed." The relevant person in charge of CNOOC said. .

  There is no pre-designated winner in Dianping Technological Innovation, and it is often the winner in the competition of various whimsical ideas.

Innovation, regardless of academic qualifications, but seeking thousands of sails to compete for success; regardless of reputation, only wishing for a hundred gallops to compete. CNOOC's innovative practice has always practiced this concept.

To achieve this, it is necessary to "break" the combination of "establishment", to break the tendency of "only papers, only professional titles, only academic qualifications, and only awards", to create an institutional environment with fair opportunities and fair rules, and to cultivate a system that allows trial and error and is inclusive of diversity. Cultural atmosphere, so that all kinds of talents can fully release their potential.