Russian President Vladimir Putin has visited Turkmenistan in Central Asia and is attending a summit of five countries along the Caspian Sea, which are rich in natural resources.

It seems that there is a desire to emphasize the unity with the former Soviet countries and Iran, which Russia considers to be a sphere of influence, and to restrain the Western side.

Russian President Vladimir Putin made his first foreign visit after the military invasion of Ukraine, visiting Tajikistan in Central Asia on the 28th and then Turkmenistan on the 29th.

And he attends a summit of Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, the former Soviet countries of Azerbaijan, and five countries in which Iran participates, along the Caspian Sea coast, which is rich in natural resources.

Prior to this, President Putin said in a summit meeting with Turkmenistan, "This meeting is a very important event for our country and region as a whole and will be beneficial."

While there is a movement of "derussianization" that does not depend on Russian natural resources, mainly in Europe and the United States, President Putin seems to have the aim of showing Russia's presence in the energy field.

Also, at the NATO-North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit, discussions will be held over the accession of the two Scandinavian countries to NATO, while Putin considers Russia to be a sphere of influence in the former Soviet countries and Iran in the Middle East. It seems that there is a desire to emphasize the unity with the Western side and restrain the Western side.

During his visit, Putin will also hold individual summit meetings with Iran's President Laisi and others.