A proposal in the "Sharjah Consultant" for "telemedicine for addicts": raises the rates of those receiving treatment up to 90%

A member of the Consultative Council of the Emirate of Sharjah, Muhammad Saleh Al Ali, presented a proposal for the "Telemedicine for Addicts" initiative, stressing that it will contribute to increasing the rate of those receiving treatment for addiction by about 90% than it is now, especially since the addict faces difficulties in receiving regular treatment in centers. Medical treatment due to fear of “social stigma” as well as the inability to accept treatment.

Al Ali told "Emirates Today" that drug rehabilitation centers play an important and positive role in treating addicts who have not faced criminal penalties, and this method of medication requires a period of treatment, especially since most addicts suffer from hepatitis C infection, and this matter needs a doctor specialized in the device digestive system;

A member of the Sharjah consultant explained that within this framework, the addicted patient is brought to government hospitals for treatment, where gastroenterologists are present, but the process of transferring the addict to the hospital always causes a state of anxiety for the auditors, and some even demanded that they be brought in the evening periods due to the causes they cause Worry.

And Al Ali continued: "From here, we requested that there be the possibility of treating the addict from a distance, so that the doctor who treats the patient communicates with the gastroenterologist, and then communicates in turn with the patient to prescribe and deliver medicines to him, while he remains in contact with the addict to follow up on his condition until he recovers." .

He stated that the majority of addiction patients do not prefer to go to addiction treatment centers, but they accept treatment if they are in their places, in addition to the fact that the doctor can ask the patient to perform laboratory tests, and thus can be carried out in the evening periods to prevent contact with the auditors.

Al Ali pointed out that the telemedicine initiative is present in health facilities and is being worked on, and the experience of the Corona pandemic is the best proof of this, stressing that it is possible to start working on it immediately because it does not need logistical equipment, but once the coordination procedures are completed, they can be applied immediately.

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