From January this year, people between the ages of 18 and 20 will no longer receive a reduction in punishment.

Now the majority of the parliamentary parties want to tighten the penalties further for minors.

However, the Left Party opposes the proposal and believes that the Moderates' increased penalties have no effect on the number of shootings. 

- We must make sure to stop what is happening here and now and gain control of the drug market.

We must point out the little siblings to those who are in prison, says Linda Snecker, legal policy spokesperson for the Left Party. 

According to the Moderates, how should new recruitment be stopped? 

- We will make the biggest offensive ever seen.

We will get rid of the older criminals who today recruit children into the gangs from the streets and at the same time give the social services the opportunity to interrupt criminal careers early.

We must also strengthen parental responsibility, it is the most crime prevention of all, says Johan Forssell, legal policy spokesman for the Moderates. 

Increased resources for social services

Both the Left Party and the Moderates agree that the social services must be upgraded and resources redistributed to vulnerable areas.

However, Johan Forssell emphasizes that the single most important measure is to change the legal system in order to be able to make demands on children and parents.

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