According to the political scientist, US sanctions against Russian citizens are introduced to "maintain the status of a sanctions caretaker."

“Everyone understands perfectly well that paper will endure everything, the use is zero.

But on the other hand, how loud it is said, like a punch on the table, they say, let everyone see how principled and tough they are, ”said Balbek.

In fact, as the expert noted, the restrictions imposed on Russian citizens are the West's way of compensating for its impotence in an attempt to somehow influence Russian policy.

“Hence the sanctions hysteria against Russian officials – spectacular, but useless,” the specialist concluded.

Earlier, the US Treasury announced that the US authorities are imposing sanctions against 17 Russian citizens.

The sanctions list also included a representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, and the head of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, Maxim Reshetnikov.