After several wolf attacks in Sjundareviret in southern Stockholm County, the county administrative board decided on protection hunting in the autumn of 2021. But no wolf was shot during the one-month hunting period.

Several sheep farmers are now closing down their operations in the area.

One of them is Stefan Engström who has run a sheep business on his farm for twenty years, he believes that the government's new proposal to investigate a possible greatly reduced wolf population will be ineffective.

- It's not easy to hunt wolves.

I think it will be very difficult to shoot 200 wolves, he says about the proposal.

Predator fence for expensive investment

Stefan's only rescue to be able to protect his sheep is to set up a predator fence.

An investment of SEK 300,000 - 400,000 and where the county administrative board only accounts for SEK 100,000 in grants.

- If we had received full compensation, more people could have continued, he says.