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  The paper is short and the love is long, and the letter is like a meeting.

  From children, to university teachers and students; from literary and artistic workers to medical teams; from rural revitalization to ecological protection; from technological innovation to home protection... Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has given grassroots cadres many times. The masses responded with earnest messages, full of affection, earnest expectations and inspiring people to forge ahead.

  The series of micro-videos "Seeing Letters Like Meetings" shows the general secretary's reply from various fields such as economy, ecology, education, culture, health care, science and technology.

Let us approach these people who wrote letters to the general secretary, listen to their stories, and realize the profound feelings of the people of the general secretary together.

  At the beginning of 2018, all party members of Hengkantou Village wrote a letter to the general secretary to report on the achievements of the village in running towards a well-off society.

It didn't take long for the general secretary to reply.

In the letter, the general secretary encouraged them to "work together with the villagers, make persistent efforts, work hard, combine their own actual conditions, give full play to their own advantages, and strive to build a wealthy, civilized and livable beautiful village, and make the villagers' lives more and more prosperous. "

  "Post-90s" party member Huang Xujie also participated in the letter writing at the time. Her entrepreneurial footprint in the village is inseparable from the general secretary's reply...

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