In Sana'a, the capital of Yemen in the Middle East, where the civil war continues, three passers-by were killed in a drone that was shot down.

In Yemen, a temporary ceasefire will expire next month, and there are concerns that the talks for an extension will be affected.

In Yemen, a civil war has continued for more than seven years between the administration and rebels, and last month both sides agreed on a two-month total ceasefire.

Rebels controlling the capital, Sana'a, shot down a suspicious drone over Sana'a on the night of the 23rd, revealing that three passers-by hit the crashed aircraft and died.

The place where the crash occurred is a place with relatively heavy traffic such as a shopping mall, and the images from the site show that the parts of the aircraft, which are thought to be drones, are scattered.

Rebels have argued that the drone that was shot down belongs to the Saudi army, which continues to intervene to support the administration, "a ceasefire violation, a provocative and hostile act."

Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, has not commented so far.

The full ceasefire in Yemen will reach its deadline next month, and the United Nations is urging both sides to extend it, but there are concerns that the three deaths this time will affect the talks for the extension. It has been.