• War in Ukraine Journey to the Russian nightmare in Chernobyl

The Russian

Defense Minister

was in charge of communicating to

Vladimir Putin

the fall of the last combatants in the

Azovstal steel mill and, therefore, the blow that has given


so many headaches

since the start of the

war in Ukraine

: control of





would allow


to create a land bridge connecting the territory with


, annexed by


in 2014.


is currently focusing its offensive on the

war in Ukraine to

the east and south.

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Russia cuts gas flow to Finland


halted gas exports to neighboring Finland early on Saturday, the Finnish gas system operator said, in the latest escalation of a dispute over energy payments with Western nations.

Gazprom Export

has demanded that European countries pay for Russian gas supplies in rubles due to sanctions imposed over Moscow's invasion of Ukraine, but Finland refuses to do so.

"Gas imports through the Imatra entry point have been stopped," Gasgrid Finland said in a statement.

Imatra is the entry point for Russian gas to Finland.

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Russia accuses chess player Kasparov and businessman Khodorkovsky of being "foreign agents"

Russia has designated former chess champion Garry Kasparov

and former oligarch

Mikhail Khodorkovsky

, both in exile and opponents of President

Vladimir Putin

, as "foreign agents," the

country's Justice Ministry said.

This designation, reminiscent of the "enemies of the people" of the Soviet period, is used massively against opponents, journalists and human rights activists accused of carrying out political activities financed abroad.

"Foreign agents" are subject to numerous cumbersome regulations and procedures, non-compliance with which carries heavy penalties.

They must also indicate this status in all their publications.

In the new list published on its website, the Russian ministry assures that Khodorkovsky, 58, and Kasparov, 59, have "resources" in Ukraine to finance their activities.

Chess legend Garry Kasparov has long opposed President Putin and has lived in the United States for almost ten years.

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