A blockchain startup in the United States has procured 360 billion won worth of virtual currency by selling digital land in the 3D virtual world Metaverse.


Click> The third search term is 'boring monkey' and virtual land.

A 'boring monkey' NFT that draws attention with a dull expression.

A popular virtual asset that has recently traded for hundreds of thousands of dollars on the market.

As famous celebrities such as Madonna, Snoop Dogg, and Justin Bieber confirmed their purchase, the price skyrocketed.

As the boring monkey NFT became popular, the producer Yuga Labs decided to release a metaverse game with the theme as well.

We succeeded in pre-selling the virtual land to be created within the game for a whopping $285 million, or about KRW 360 billion.

Metaverse game users rushed to buy NFTs corresponding to 55,000 virtual land lots.

Netizens said, "Is it possible to build an apartment on digital land? I still don't understand!"

"The boring monkey's expression is cute, but can't we just capture it and save it for viewing?"

(Screen source: YouTube Bored Ape Yacht Club)