- The Wall Street Journal's editorial board called in the newspaper's editorial Monday not to let President Joe Biden speak on critical issues unless he reads a written text that does not leave it, especially in times of international crises that are related to weapons of mass destruction in one way or another.

President Biden made a big mistake during his European trip last Saturday, when he said at the conclusion of his important speech from the heart of the Polish capital Warsaw, "For God's sake, this man cannot stay in power," referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin, and this necessitated the intervention of the White House minutes later. To make it clear that Washington is not seeking regime change in Russia."

With no constitutional imperatives for the president to make statements or give speeches, the demand for Biden to stop public speaking or holding press conferences increased.

Serious record of lapses

Two months ago, Biden hinted at a White House news conference that a "minor incursion" by Russia into Ukraine might be acceptable to the United States and its allies.

During his European visit, Biden responded to a question about the nature of the American reaction if the Russian army resorted to the use of chemical weapons in its war in Ukraine, by saying that "the United States and NATO will reciprocate," referring to the use of chemical weapons against Russia.

This prompted Jake Sullivan, National Security Adviser, to refute what Biden said, and say, "We will choose the form and nature of our response based on the nature of the action that Russia takes, and we will do so in coordination with our allies, and we have informed the Russians, as the president said publicly two weeks ago, that it will be There is a heavy price if Russia uses chemical weapons."

Then Biden made a second mistake during his meeting with US forces stationed in Poland when he hinted that they were going to Ukraine, when Biden told some soldiers last Friday that they would witness Ukrainian courage "when they get there."

Commentators believed that Washington's position on the Ukraine war was very clear before Biden's European trip, as Washington's position relied on 3 main points:

The first is to help the Ukrainians

- the second is to punish the Russians

- the third is to seek to avoid scenarios in which NATO forces could be drawn into the conflict

But after Biden's three lapses, there are global doubts about the nature of the US position.

The danger of the president's words

Biden's words shocked European allies, and raised questions about whether Biden was announcing a major change in foreign policy by calling for regime change in Russia.

The US president is considered the most powerful man in the world, and his words are important, and one of the consequences of Biden's lapses is that anything that comes out of the US president may not be trusted in the future.

Biden is well aware of the importance of the president's words. During his presidential campaign in 2020, candidate Biden at the time reminded the public of the heavy weight that the words of the American president can carry, in the context of his criticism of President Donald Trump's departure from the text, and the use of inappropriate and inappropriate phrases or sentences.

"The president's words are important, they can move the financial markets, they can send our brave men and women to war, and they can bring peace," Biden said.

stay on text

Republicans attacked Biden's gaffes, and Senator Rob Portman said in an interview with NBC's Meet the Press that Biden's comment would soon become part of Russia's disinformation campaign about the invasion of Ukraine.

"First, I think we all think the world would be a better place without Vladimir Putin," Portman said. "But, secondly, this is not the official policy of the United States. And by saying that regime change is our ultimate strategy, it plays into the hands of Russian propaganda and plays in the interests of Vladimir Putin." ".

In an interview with CNN, Senator Jim Risch, a Republican from Idaho, advised Biden with 3 words: "Stay on the script."

For his part, former President Donald Trump has warned that President Joe Biden risks provoking Vladimir Putin, which could prompt him to use nuclear weapons to defend himself against Biden's call for regime change in Russia.

"What Biden said tends to make dictators use lethal force, if not nuclear weapons, to defend themselves," Trump said in an interview with Newsmax.

In contrast, Juliana Smith, the US ambassador to NATO, justified Biden's gag, saying that he suffered an "initial humanitarian response after spending most of the day meeting with Ukrainian refugees in Poland and hearing how they had to flee their homes because of the Russian invasion."

"The President spent the day visiting with Ukrainian refugees. He went to the National Stadium in Warsaw and met literally hundreds of Ukrainians. He heard their heroic stories as they fled Ukraine in the wake of Russia's brutal war in Ukraine."

The dilemma of Biden's candidacy for the 2024 elections

Before the end of last December, the White House confirmed President Biden's intention to run for a second term in the 2024 presidential election. This is causing a lot of concern among Democrats, with some experts blaming Biden's repeat lapses due to his age of 79 and declining general health.

"Nothing could be more dangerous than the world's questioning of America's position or its policies on matters of war and peace because of the president's blunders," said Harry Casinas, director of the Foundation for the National Interest.

Casinas considered that the truth is that we have to live with Biden as President of the United States for another 3 years, at a time when he cannot be called to resign as his Vice President Kamala Harris has no ability to fill the president's place.

Biden's lapse and its consequences were not the worst thing the US president has been exposed to in recent days. A recent poll conducted by NBC this month showed that Biden's popularity reached a new low.

Biden's overall approval rating dropped to 40%, and 55% of respondents did not approve of his performance as president.

The poll found that 7 out of 10 Americans surveyed expressed low confidence in Biden's ability to deal with the conflict between Russia, Ukraine and NATO countries.