People's Power Supreme Councilor Kim Jae-won appeared on MBC radio and said he would run for mayor of Daegu in the upcoming local elections.

Kim said in the broadcast, "I am preparing to run for mayor of Daegu," and "I will register as a preliminary candidate as soon as I am ready."

Then, when the host asked, "Are you saying you are going to compete with Rep. Hong Jun-pyo?" Kim replied, "I think it will eventually happen."

Supreme Commissioner Kim also said, "Daegu is the GRDP in the country for 25 years, so the regional gross domestic product is the last, and the region is declining, so I think I can contribute greatly."

He explained the reason for running for office, saying, "I did all my work in Daegu, including middle school, high school, and the Gyeongbuk Provincial Office, my first office worker.

As Supreme Councilor Kim announced his intention to run for office, the number of candidates for Daegu Mayor belonging to the People's Power has increased to six.

Previously, Representative Hong Jun-pyo, Kwon Young-jin, the current mayor of Daegu, and Lee Jin-suk, former president of Daejeon MBC, cast their votes to run, and Ryu Seong-geol, a member of the National Human Rights Commission of Korea, and Jeong Sang-hwan, a standing member of the National Human Rights Commission, are known to announce their intention to run for office soon.

(Photo = Yonhap News)