The reactions were quick.

And they are cut.

Thursday, after the unveiling of his program for the presidential election, Emmanuel Macron suggested that the metropolis of Nice could merge with the department of Alpes-Maritimes.

“Those who have this dark design will find me in front of them,” tweeted LR deputy and departmental councilor Eric Ciotti.

“I strongly condemn the idea of ​​seeing the departments disappear”, also reacted the president of the departmental council Charles-Ange Ginésy.

#Macron announces his desire to merge the Metropolis of Nice with the department.

The future of the Alpes Maritimes will not be played out with a Macronian hat against a backdrop of political grub where betrayal is rewarded.

Those who have this dark purpose will find me before them!

— Eric Ciotti (@ECiotti) March 17, 2022

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The Head of State, candidate for his succession, nevertheless sees in it “a real project of simplification” which “is far from being uninteresting”.

“The metropolis of Nice and the department, we can completely reshuffle the cards.

We can say perhaps that the metropolis is destined to merge with the department, ”launched Emmanuel Macron.

A project “led” by Christian Estrosi

A project which "was also carried by the president of metropolis" Christian Estrosi and which can materialize, according to the President of the Republic if the latter "manages to convince one or two of his colleges".

"The future of the Alpes-Maritimes will not be played with a Macronian hat against a backdrop of political grub where treason is rewarded", retorted Eric Ciotti, scratching in passing, without naming him, the ex-LR mayor of Nice.

The case therefore looks very badly engaged.


The rumor of a merger between two municipalities in the Alpes-Maritimes creates discord between elected officials


No merger with the metropolises, the departments of Haute-Garonne and Alpes-Maritimes relieved

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