In Tonga, a week after the eruption of the volcano, the inhabitants face the difficult reconstruction

Members of the Red Cross deliver humanitarian aid to families in Konakupolu, in the Tonga Islands, on January 21, 2022. AP

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A week after the eruption of the volcano that rocked the Tonga archipelago, some communications have been restored.

On the other hand, the ash still covers a major part of the emerged lands, and the inhabitants are still in a delicate situation, according to the honorary consul of France in Tonga, FineTu'ui Moala.


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With our correspondent in Sydney,

Grégory Plesse

From the first days after the eruption, Australia and New Zealand

sent aid

to Tonga.

But on the spot, the whole population participates in the reconstruction.

This is what FineTu'ui Moala, honorary consul of France in Tonga, explains to us:


Everyone tries to sweep the road in front of their house a little.

For now, everyone is trying to help a little where they can help.



were partially restored

on Friday via the satellite network.

The opportunity for many residents to give news to their families abroad.


Everyone since Friday has been trying to communicate with their families abroad, who were very worried during the days when there was no communication at all

 ,” he explains.

But the connections remain very unstable, including in Tonga itself, where from one island to another, it remains for the moment almost impossible to exchange: “ 

Even we in Tonga we do not know too much information.

Because the only way at the moment is the radio… Even the TV, it's not in operation at the moment.


France, neighboring Tonga via Wallis and Futuna, has also sent



It should arrive in the next few days.


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