China News Service, January 21. According to the US "Overseas Chinese News" report, on the 19th (Wednesday), the free ordering website for the new coronavirus test kits launched by the Biden administration is only available in English and Spanish, and no Chinese translation version is provided. , Under the appeal and struggle of Meng Zhaowen, a member of Congress from Queens, New York, the free ordering website has now added a Chinese version of the page.

  The Biden administration officially launched a free ordering website for home test kits for the new coronavirus on the 19th.

On the 19th, Meng Zhaowen immediately urged the White House to add a Chinese version after seeing that the website that was launched for the first time did not have a Chinese version.

The site allows each family to order 4 free home test kits.

  Meng Zhaowen said she thanked President Biden and the White House for providing free home testing kits to all Americans, and thanked the government for its quick response to her request for a Chinese version of the website.

Anyone in New York or even the United States needs to use a home test kit, no matter what language they speak, language should not be a barrier to getting a home test kit.

She is pleased that the website is available in multiple languages ​​in a timely manner, and hopes to add more languages, and she will continue to urge the Biden administration to provide more language versions.

(Zhang Jing)