China News Service, January 18. According to Malaysia's "Shi Hua Daily" report, affected by the epidemic, the prices of department stores in Malaysia have soared, and even the prices of various raw materials for rice cakes, which are indispensable for the Chinese Lunar New Year, have also risen. Vendors are under increasing pressure.

  Wu Xiuxiu, a practitioner in Malaysia, said in an interview that rising prices and the epidemic have greatly affected the sales of rice cakes.

  However, she said that because rice cakes are one of the must-have foods for the New Year, many repeat customers will continue to book, but the sales in the market have been slightly reduced due to the epidemic.

  At present, Sarawak is affected by the mutated Omicron virus, and the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee has only allowed immediate family members to have dinners on New Year's Eve, Lunar New Year's Day and Lantern Festival.