Lively songs and paintings from "Spice Island"

The sounds of Grenada take the audience to a magical Caribbean atmosphere

  • During Grenada's National Day, the artists showcased features of the island's heritage.

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By offering to draw happiness on the faces of visitors to "Expo 2020 Dubai", artists from Grenada escorted the exhibition's guests to the charming atmosphere of this Caribbean country of African origin.

The audience interacted with the musical links performed by a group of Grenada's brightest artists, who attended specifically to commemorate their country's National Day at Expo 2020 Dubai, the day before yesterday.

In the melodies of music with loud African rhythms, the artists of Grenada honored their country with pride, showing the world their cultural and artistic heritage through a group of the most beautiful folk songs, which they presented on the jubilee stage, addressing the present audience in the language of music that transcends borders and is mastered by everyone.

The delightful show of Grenada artists, the crowds of visitors danced to their rhythms, as the sounds of applause resonated in joy at the refined performance of the artists of the country with its picturesque nature and charming beaches.

The artists performed a variety of songs whose contents varied between those dedicated to their homeland, calling for love and peace. They also presented songs concerned with the social aspect, with a special focus on the demand to protect childhood from social afflictions, as they represent the mainstay of the future of countries.

The songs presented also included a set of main concepts and ideas adopted by Expo 2020 Dubai, while the present audience enjoyed various modern and traditional dances, symbolizing the cultural diversity of this charming island country.

On the occasion of the National Day celebrations, the Grenada pavilion organized a number of distinctive folk performances in Al Wasl Square, presented by a group of talented artists, led by the famous artist Thamara St. Bernard Nichols. The artist with the loud voice “Dash” known for his loud rhythms and interesting shows full of vitality, presented a live show that pushed the audience The arena swayed on his songs, which he presented with the accompaniment of one of the popular national bands, which shone in brightly colored costumes, and distinguished rhythms and songs, which were presented with the accompaniment of traditional musical instruments.

Grenada is an island country located in the Caribbean, and its people enjoy kindness and hospitality, and its pavilion is located in the mobility area of ​​​​"Expo 2020", and invites its visitors to take a virtual tour of the "Spice Island", as it embodies the calm and stable lifestyle in the country that enjoys beaches. Beautiful with clear waters, reflecting at the same time the historical and cultural richness of Grenada, which is famous for the production of nutmeg, which is so important that it is depicted on the state flag.

• The island is famous for the production of nutmeg, which was so important that it was depicted on the flag of Grenada.