Overseas Network reported on January 13 that an F-16V fighter jet from the military’s Chiayi base crashed into the sea on the afternoon of the 11th. At the time of the incident, some aviation fans were shooting videos and took all the pictures of the crash process. The photos of the fighter jet crashing into the sea were also Released on the 13th.

It can be seen in the photo that a large amount of water splashes aroused on the water surface at the time of the incident, which shows that the fighter jet crashed into the sea at a high speed.

  According to Taiwan's "Zhongshi News Network" report, after the crash, the aviation fan has handed over the pictures taken to the Taiwan military, but there are still some remakes out. Therefore, some people suspect that the pilot of the crashed fighter may have been When a coma occurs, the fighter plane will be rolled at a large angle into the sea before it can escape, but this statement has not been confirmed.

  As of the 13th, the Taiwan military was still searching for the fighter plane in the target area of ​​the crash, and more wreckage has been found.

(Overseas Network Wu Qian)