When Peter Norling, department manager for Service Travel at the Traffic Office in Gothenburg, hears about the woman who had to wait so long, he immediately says that it has been a challenging day for the travel service.

- When there are such circumstances as today, with a lot of snow, it takes longer and longer: It takes longer to drive, each stop takes longer and so on.

Our drivers do not have as much time.

And when it comes to the traffic we buy from the taxi companies, they also have a lot of customers who want to take a taxi on a day like this.

Then there will be major delays.

He has no exact figures but believes that between one hundred and two hundred travel service passengers were affected by delays on Tuesday.

- But it must then be put in relation to the fact that we have about 3000 transports per day.

Tough in the future

It looks tough going forward too, and not just because of snow.

During the winter, more people want to use the transport service.

- There we have a special problem in the taxi industry, which is linked to the pandemic.

For a very long time, taxi drivers had very little to do, which led many to leave the industry.

So now, when everything starts to return a little more to normal, there is a lack of enough drivers and vehicles.

Footnote: Travel service is for those who have difficulty traveling on their own.

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No person was injured in the accident when a truck trailer overturned over a car on county road 154 on Tuesday morning.

Photo: Joakim Eriksson