China Overseas Chinese Network, November 14th. According to the US "World Journal" report, the Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce and the Myanmar Love and Superstar Restaurant in San Francisco jointly held a press conference on November 12, local time, and stated that a reward of 10,000 yuan (USD, the same below) ), I hope the public will provide clues to help find the suspect who shot and killed a 23-month-old Chinese child on Highway 880.

  The Auckland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce has set up a GoFundMe donation account for the family of the Chinese boy, and it has also raised 209692 yuan.

Chen Xipeng, chairman of the Auckland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce, said that all donations will be donated to the Wu family, excluding the website fees.

In addition, the $10,000 bounty is only a preliminary amount.

At present, there are people who continue to donate to the "Crimes Against Asians Reward Fund" (Crimes Against Asians Reward Fund).

The foundation is jointly initiated by the Chamber of Commerce, Myanmar Restaurant and the San Francisco Police Officers Association, and is expected to increase the bounty in the future.

The bounty is independent of GoFundMe donations.

Patrolman calls for video recording of driving

  It is understood that the Chinese child died in a car on the Auckland Expressway in the afternoon of the 6th and was hit by a stray bullet.

The California Highway Patrol urged that any driver driving on Interstate 880 in Oakland on the afternoon of the 6th can check the dash cam video to see if relevant images were captured.

  On the 12th local time, at the press conference, the statement from the family of the Chinese boy was read out on the spot. The statement read: Our whole family feels completely heartbroken and broken by his departure.

We thank you all for donating on GoFundMe, and thank you all for your love and support during this difficult time.

We call on the gunmen or anyone in the know to stand up so that such a tragedy will not happen to anyone again.

  Chen Xipeng gave a detailed account of his concerns about public security in the community.

He said that the young boy was hit by a bullet while sleeping in the car.

Chen Xipeng said: "We will never see his smiling face or hear his cry anymore. The only people who cry are his father, mother, friends and some strange but caring people."

  Chen Xipeng said that many people donated money to the family of the Chinese boy, and they also sent all the blessings to the family.

The highway shooting incidents that have been learned so far, like any other crime, are only reported, and there are many unreported incidents.

Chen Xipeng said: "Every day many people drive on the streets or highways with babies or elderly people in their cars. They may be shot. We call on the patrols to start work and strengthen highway patrols. We need more patrols."

  Chen Xipeng said that protecting citizens is the government’s basic responsibility. “If this child dies on the way home with his family, it will not wake everyone up to the out-of-control criminal behavior in Auckland. I don’t know what else can awaken us.”

The sheriff is shocked and sad: children need protection most

  Oakland Sheriff Armstrong (LeRonne Armstrong) said that the most vulnerable people in the community are children.

Armstrong said: "I think everyone is shocked and disgusted by this incident. When seeing this happen to young innocent children, or to anyone, when the child becomes the victim of these crimes, We are expected to protect them. I think this touches everyone. At this moment, the Chinese boy incident is affecting everyone. We all realize how fragile these moments are."

  Armstrong said that the average detection rate in the United States is 50%, and that in Oakland is 40%, which is a bit low, but the police alone cannot solve the crime problem, and the community needs to assist in providing video and other evidence.

He said that the police department welcomes the provision of camera videos on the highway, and any technical support may help resolve the investigation of the Chinese boy's incident.

He said: “As a community, I hope everyone will work together to increase technical support, so it is necessary to install cameras. We encourage business owners to install cameras, but we also believe that the city should have a camera system. The Privacy Advisory Committee should approve it, and then City council discussion."

  The Oakland Police Department has investigated 119 homicides this year.

In the past 12 months, 76 shootings occurred on highways 880 and 580 in Alameda County.

Patrol officers investigated four highway shootings in Oakland, including the case of a Chinese boy.

(Liu Xianjin)