China News Service, November 2nd. According to a report from the Internet of Europe, Italy, in order to build the Sino-Italian Winter Olympics bridge and promote the cooperation of ice and snow training bases and figure skating projects, recently, under the active advocacy of the Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Milan, Italy, Lombardy, Italy The Bureau of Sports Culture and Tourism and the Chinese Figure Skating Association, as well as the Office of the Chinese Olympic Committee Preparation for the Olympic Games, and Chinese associations organized a video work conference for the China-Italy Winter Olympics Symposium, and cooperated on the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Milan Winter Olympics in Milan Extensive exchanges and discussions were conducted on the construction of the Sino-Italian Ice and Snow Training Base.

  Director of the Sports, Culture and Tourism Bureau of Lombardy, Italy, Simone Rasetti, Director of Sports Events for the 2026 Milan Winter Olympics, Zhou Lixin, Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Milan, Italy, Zhu Jinliang, Secretary General, Shen Xue, Chairman of Figure Skating of China, and Chinese Olympic Committee Yuan Shoulong, deputy director of the Olympic Preparation Office, national figure skating team leader, Chen Jun, general manager of the Italian Shenzhou Culture Media Company, and other relevant personnel attended the meeting to discuss topics of common concern such as the 100-day countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics and the 2026 Milan Winter Olympics Conducted exchanges and discussions.

  Lasetti, director of the Sports, Culture and Tourism Bureau of Lombardy, Italy, said that after the Beijing Winter Olympics next year, the world will enter "Milan Time."

The Lombardy region, where Milan, Italy is located, has abundant ice and snow sports resources. This is the second time that Italy successfully bid for the Winter Olympics after the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics.

At present, the preparations for the Milan Winter Olympics have been fully launched. The Italian government, especially the Lombardy region government and people, are eagerly looking forward to the success of the Milan Winter Olympics.

  Lasetti spoke highly of the excellent organization of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, and hoped that the experience of the Beijing Winter Olympics can be fully learned.

Lasetti hopes to take the opportunity of the two countries to host the Winter Olympics to strengthen comprehensive cooperation with China in various fields such as sports, culture, and tourism, and promote the development of ice and snow sports through mutual visits, mutual learning, mutual training, mutual competitions and other activities. Promote ice and snow sports exchanges between the two countries.

  Lasetti said that the figure skating project is China's strong point, and Italy hopes to have sincere and friendly exchanges with China and strengthen the interaction and talent training between the two sides in figure skating.

It is also expected that the two sides will achieve practical cooperation in the construction of a friendly training base in Milan, so that more Chinese ice sports enthusiasts and athletes can come to train and exchange activities with Italian counterparts.

  Lasetti also mentioned in particular that Chinese figure skaters had achieved excellent results in the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics, and their outstanding performance left a deep and beautiful impression on the Italians.

He welcomed Chinese figure skaters to Italy again to participate in training and competitions, and wished another outstanding result in the Turin Grand Prix.

At the same time, he thanked the Milan Overseas Chinese and Chinese Chamber of Commerce for their efforts in the exchange between Italy and China, especially for their outstanding contributions to the epidemic prevention and fight against the epidemic. He hoped that the Milanese Chinese Association and the Lombardy region government would work together to establish the Sino-Italian ice and snow training base project. Especially the strengthening of figure skating projects to make new contributions.

  Zhou Lixin, President of the Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Milan, Italy, and Zhu Jinliang, Secretary-General of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Milan, Italy, stated that the Chinese Society will make full use of its own advantages and strengths to promote the cooperation in figure skating between China and Italy under the guidance of the Chinese Consulate in Milan, and provide for cooperation between the two sides. Facilitate and actively promote the Beijing Winter Olympics and promote bilateral exchanges and cooperation.

  Shen Xue, chairman of the Chinese Figure Skating Association, expressed his gratitude for the video conference organized by the Chinese and Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Milan, Italy, and the Italian Figure Skating Association for their support and assistance during the Chinese national team’s training and competition in Italy, and introduced the countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics 100 Day series of promotional activities.

  Shen Xue said that under the guidance of the Winter Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports and the Chinese Olympic Committee, the Chinese Figure Skating Association is willing to take the Beijing and Milan Winter Olympics as an opportunity to accelerate cooperation with Italy, establish inter-regional cooperation and inter-association Figure skating project culture, training competition, talent training, coach training and other cooperation mechanisms and friendly base construction.

She wished Italy excellent results in the Beijing Winter Olympics, and wished the successful hosting of the 2026 Milan Olympics.

  According to reports, the Chinese National Figure Skating Team arrived at Milan Airport in Italy on October 17 and transferred to Turin for training. It will participate in the 2021 Italian Figure Skating Grand Prix held from November 5th to 7th.

Yuan Shoulong, the leader of China's national figure skating training team, said that at present, the athletes are training smoothly and are in good condition, and they are making every effort to prepare for pre-match training and competition.

  Yuan Shoulong said that he was very pleased to be invited to participate in the video conference. Through exchanges, he deepened his understanding of the Torino Winter Olympics and expanded his understanding of the preparations for the Milan Winter Olympics.

The national figure skating training team will actively support the various cooperation between China and Italy in the context of the Winter Olympics, and establish a friendly cooperation base and exchange platform.